Holy Cross Holy Cross
4041 W. 120th St. * 708.597.5209
An LCMS Congregation


Brief History

Holy Cross Lutheran Church began as a mission in Blue Island, March 14, 1938. The congregation was officially organized and named Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church on November 12, 1939, and later became a member of the SELC (Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches).

Holy Cross purchased its first church building, located at 2506 Collins Street, Blue Island, On October 4, 1954.

In the 1960's, due to various factors, including its strong ethnic background and the lack of proper facilities, Holy Cross Lutheran Church had not grown very much during the thirty years in Blue Island. Prompted by stagnant growth the congregational leaders realized that the congregation's role in Blue Island should be re-evaluated.


Encouraged by the SELC Mission Board the church sought property in another nearby community. Land was located in Alsip. A special Voters' Assembly was held on June 9, 1968, at which time Holy Cross Lutheran Church officially decided to purchase the land at 4041 West 120th Street, Alsip, Illinois, for the purpose of relocating the congregation there.

The present church facilities were built in Alsip at 4041 W. 120th St. and dedicated on September 13, 1970. Further expansion was needed. In April, 1994 the new additions were dedicated to the glory of God.

This is a brief synopsis of the history of the church. For a more in-depth account go to history_detail.pdf.